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#4 (2016 Top 10) > US Physician Practices Spend More Than $15.4 Billion Annually To Report Quality Measures

Author: Lawrence P. Casalino, David Gans, Rachel Weber, Meagan Cea, Amber Tuchovsky, Tara F. Bishop, Yesenia Miranda, Brittany A. Frankel, Kristina B. Ziehler, Meghan M. Wong, Todd B. Evenson

#9 (2016 Top 10) > Retail Clinic Visits For Low-Acuity Conditions Increase Utilization And Spending

Author: J. Scott Ashwood, Martin Gaynor, Claude M. Setodji, Rachel O. Reid, Ellerie Weber, Ateev Mehrotra

Adding A Measure Of Patient Self-Management Capability To Risk Assessment Can Improve Prediction Of High Costs

Author: Judith H. Hibbard, Jessica Greene, Rebecca Sacks, Valerie Overton, Carmen D. Parrotta

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Care Management Processes Used Less Often For Depression Than For Other Chronic Conditions In US Primary Care Practices

Author: Tara F. Bishop, Patricia P. Ramsay, Lawrence P. Casalino, Yuhua Bao, Harold A. Pincus, Stephen M. Shortell

Declining US Life Expectancy 19902010

Author: Jennifer Karas Montez, Isaac Sasson, Mark D. Hayward

Early Trauma And Health

Author: Clare Anderson