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Financing Long-Term Services And Supports Options Reflect Trade-Offs For Older Americans And Federal Spending

Author: Melissa M. Favreault, Howard Gleckman, Richard W. Johnson

Governing Boards And Clinical Quality

Author: James Lifton

Improving The Affordable Care Act An Assessment Of Policy Options For Providing Subsidies

Author: Evan A. Saltzman, Christine Eibner, Alain C. Enthoven

In Second Year Of Marketplaces New Entrants ACA Co-Ops And Medicaid Plans Restrain Average Premium Growth Rates

Author: Jon R. Gabel, Heidi Whitmore, Matthew Green, Sam T. Stromberg, Daniel S. Weinstein, Rebecca Oran

Insurer Competition In Federally Run Marketplaces Is Associated With Lower Premiums

Author: Paul D. Jacobs, Jessica S. Banthin, Samuel Trachtman