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Hospital Readmissions The Authors Reply

Author: David L. Chin, Heejung Bang, Patrick S. Romano

Hospitals Role In Readmissions

Author: Kumar Dharmarajan, Zhenqiu Lin, Sharon-Lise T. Normand

How You Vote Can Kill You

Author: Aziz Sheikh

Increased Service Use Among Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Associated With Mental Health Parity Law

Author: Elizabeth A. Stuart, Emma E. McGinty, Luther Kalb, Haiden A. Huskamp, Susan H. Busch, Teresa B. Gibson, Howard Goldman, Colleen L. Barry

Little Evidence Exists To Support The Expectation That Providers Would Consolidate To Enter New Payment Models

Author: Hannah T. Neprash, Michael E. Chernew, J. Michael McWilliams

Longer Periods Of Hospice Service Associated With Lower End-Of-Life Spending In Regions With High Expenditures

Author: Shiyi Wang, Sylvia H. Hsu, Siwan Huang, Pamela R. Soulos, Cary P. Gross

Measuring Quality Of Care The Authors Reply

Author: Matthew Morton, Rajeev Sadanandan, Sebastian Bauhoff

Medicaid Waivers Targeting Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Reduce The Need For Parents To Stop Working

Author: Douglas L. Leslie, Khaled Iskandarani, Diana L. Velott, Bradley D. Stein, David S. Mandell, Edeanya Agbese, Andrew W. Dick