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The Ethical Imperative And Moral Challenges Of Engaging Patients And The Public With Evidence

Author: Mildred Z. Solomon, Michael K. Gusmano, Karen J. Maschke

The Importance Of Integrating Narrative Into Health Care Decision Making

Author: Daniel Dohan, Sarah B. Garrett, Katharine A. Rendle, Meghan Halley, Corey Abramson

Understanding An Informed Publics Views On The Role Of Evidence In Making Health Care Decisions

Author: Kristin L. Carman, Maureen Maurer, Rikki Mangrum, Manshu Yang, Marjorie Ginsburg, Shoshanna Sofaer, Marthe R. Gold, Ela Pathak-Sen, Dierdre Gilmore, Jennifer Richmond, Joanna Siegel

When Patients Customize Nursing Home Ratings Choices And Rankings Differ From The Governments Version

Author: Dana B. Mukamel, Alpesh Amin, David L. Weimer, Joseph Sharit, Heather Ladd, Dara H. Sorkin