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Capitation Combined With Pay-For-Performance Improves Antibiotic Prescribing Practices In Rural China

Author: Winnie Yip, Timothy Powell-Jackson, Wen Chen, Min Hu, Eduardo Fe, Mu Hu, Weiyan Jian, Ming Lu, Wei Han, William C. Hsiao

Case Studies From Three States Breaking Down Silos Between Health Care And Criminal Justice

Author: Matthew J. Bechelli, Michael Caudy, Tracie M. Gardner, Alice Huber, David Mancuso, Paul Samuels, Tanya Shah, Homer D. Venters

Data-Driven Decision-Making Tools To Improve Public Resource Allocation For Care And Prevention Of HIVAIDS

Author: Gery W. Ryan, Evan W. Bloom, David J. Lowsky, Mark T. Linthicum, Timothy Juday, Lisa Rosenblatt, Sonali Kulkarni, Dana P. Goldman, Jennifer N. Sayles

Early HIV Treatment In The United States Prevented Nearly 13500 Infections Per Year During 19962009

Author: Dana P. Goldman, Timothy Juday, Daniel Seekins, Mark T. Linthicum, John A. Romley

Early HIV Treatment Led To Life Expectancy Gains Valued At 80 Billion For People Infected In 19962009

Author: John A. Romley, Timothy Juday, Matthew D. Solomon, Daniel Seekins, Ronald Brookmeyer, Dana P. Goldman

Five Features Of Value-Based Insurance Design Plans Were Associated With Higher Rates Of Medication Adherence

Author: Niteesh K. Choudhry, Michael A. Fischer, Benjamin F. Smith, Gregory Brill, Charmaine Girdish, Olga S. Matlin, Troyen A. Brennan, Jerry Avorn, William H. Shrank