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Academic Combat

Author: Sarah B. Dine

Attention To Surgeons And Surgical Care Is Largely Missing From Early Medicare Accountable Care Organizations

Author: James M. Dupree, Kavita Patel, Sara J. Singer, Mallory West, Rui Wang, Michael J. Zinner, Joel S. Weissman

Big Push To Reduce Maternal Mortality In Uganda And Zambia Enhanced Health Systems But Lacked A Sustainability Plan

Author: Margaret E. Kruk, Miriam Rabkin, Karen Ann Grépin, Katherine Austin-Evelyn, Dana Greeson, Tsitsi Beatrice Masvawure, Emma Rose Sacks, Daniel Vail, Sandro Galea

CDC Central-Line Bloodstream Infection Prevention Efforts Produced Net Benefits Of At Least 640 Million During 19902008

Author: R. Douglas Scott, Ronda Sinkowitz-Cochran, Matthew E. Wise, James Baggs, Scott Goates, Steven L. Solomon, L. Clifford McDonald, John A. Jernigan

Disproportionate-Share Hospital Payment Reductions May Threaten The Financial Stability Of Safety-Net Hospitals

Author: Katherine Neuhausen, Anna C. Davis, Jack Needleman, Robert H. Brook, David Zingmond, Dylan H. Roby

Ending SNAP Subsidies For Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Could Reduce Obesity And Type 2 Diabetes

Author: Sanjay Basu, Hilary Kessler Seligman, Christopher Gardner, Jay Bhattacharya